Sep 27, 2017

Children with Additional Needs

Children with additional needs and disabilities are welcomed at all Acorns Nurseries and we employ two Assisted Learning Needs Co-ordinators (ALNCO), Susie McLean and Sarah Taylor. The ALNCOs manage each child’s additional needs and will liaise with and support key workers, nursery staff and parents as well as being the contact with outside agencies. As part of this, they organise additional support and can apply for one-to-one funding if needed.

We understand the importance of early identification and discussions are held with parents if Observation Plans are required when additional needs are presented. Staff, ALNCOs and parents will decide together the actions needed to help the child’s progress. An Early Years Action Play Plan will be made and will be continually reviewed. The ALNCOs also support the Nursery staff in understanding the childrens additional and individual needs and set strategies to support the child’s development.

Susie has worked for Acorns for 4 years and previously worked as an Assessor, a pre-school Leader and for Social Services looking after vulnerable children and children with additional needs. Sarah has worked for Acorns for 23 years as a Nursery Nurse, Assistant Manager before training for her ALNCO role 7 years ago.



Acorns Nurseries are now providers of the Childcare Offer in Wales for eligible working parents of 3-4 year olds. Parents can apply by contacting the local Family Information Service.