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Feb 14, 2017

Admiral Group Collaboration

Acorns Nurseries has formed a collaboration with Admiral Group to provide specialist childcare support for Admiral employees.

The deal will see Admiral staff in the capital offered access to Acorns’ Corporate Childcare Package, which offers major employers the chance to provide parents with added in-work benefits and support while working.

The scheme aims to give Admiral employees the ability to access affordable childcare and to secure a better work-life balance.  Places are offered at Acorns House, Baby Acorns and Oakfield Street Acorns.

“We are delighted to have agreed this deal with another major business, and to be able to offer Admiral staff the wide range of benefits that a nursery of Acorns’ standard offers,” said Acorns Director, Cherie Wilson.

As well as offering childcare savings and worry-free access to childcare, the deal also eases employees’ anxieties when they return to work after maternity.  Admiral has also recognised that managed childcare works as a strong recruitment and retention tool, and can be key for parents when they are choosing where to work.

Benefits for the Admiral Group include being able to pass on childcare savings to employees, a scheme that is simpler to manage than a workplace nursery, and which requires little ongoing management after an employee has signed up.

With a dedicated contact at Acorns managing the scheme, it has proved to be a major success for the businesses involved. We are sure that Admiral employees will be delighted with the added benefit of working for such a forward-thinking organisation.


Acorns Nurseries are now providers of the Childcare Offer in Wales for eligible working parents of 3-4 year olds. Parents can apply by contacting the local Family Information Service.