Western Mail

Oct 24, 2016

Acorns Nurseries in the Western Mail

Cherie Wilson, one of our Directors here at Acorns, is quoted in the Western Mail today regarding the call by Acorns Nurseries for the Welsh Government to follow England’s lead and make first aid training compulsory for all childcare staff.

This is following the tragic death of Millie Thompson who died after choking on food in a nursery in Greater Manchester in 2012. Cherie is quoted saying that ‘Millie’s Law’ should be introduced in Wales to ensure that there is no repeat of the tragedy that cost the life of Millie.

Millie was just nine months old and had been attending the nursery for just three days. Although the coroner at her inquest found that no one was to blame for the tragedy, he said paediatric first aid training for all nursery staff was “a matter of national importance”.

Following her death, parents Joanne and Dan Thompson established Millie’s Trust and lobbied the Government to introduce a law that required all newly-qualified staff with a childcare qualification to be trained in vital, lifesaving paediatric first aid. More than 103,000 people signed an e-petition backing the calls.

As a result, from the start of last month all-newly qualified staff in England with a childcare Level 2 and 3 qualification must have an emergency paediatric first aid or full paediatric first aid certificate.

A nursery where all staff have the training will be able to display a new kite mark, known as ‘Millie’s Mark’, which will help reassure parents that their child is safe and being cared for by knowledgeable staff.

There is, however, no similar requirement in Wales, which Mrs Wilson says is a situation that needs to be addressed urgently.

“The tragic set of circumstances that led to Millie’s death can happen all too easily, and I am delighted that the law has been changed in England to help stop a repeat of the incident there,” she said.

“It is vital, however, that the Welsh Government addresses this issue urgently and makes is a legal requirement here.”

At Acorns we require all nursery and pre-school staff to undertake paediatric first aid training. We have also installed lifesaving defibrillators at all our sites, so that there is further peace of mind for parents.

“And while I’m sure that other nurseries across the country also make the safety of the children in their care their top priority – allowing staff to care for children without having the most up-to-date training is no longer a viable situation.

Acorns Nurseries hope that the Welsh Government will follow England’s lead. Being across the border shouldn’t mean that the laws governing childcare are any less stringent.”


Acorns Nurseries are now providers of the Childcare Offer in Wales for eligible working parents of 3-4 year olds. Parents can apply by contacting the local Family Information Service.