Olympics AH

Aug 17, 2016

Acorns Olympics

The children in Acorns nurseries have been enjoying getting into the Olympic spirit with Acorns Olympics, including obstacle races, cycling, gymnastics, sailing and lots of other fun sporting activities.

The nurseries have made the most of the beautiful weather and the children have loved cheering on their friends.

At Acorns, we know how important it is to inspire children’s love of physical activity at an early age and we encourage sports and outdoor activities as part of everyday nursery life.  Not only is it beneficial for their physical development (stimulating motor skills and strength) but can also greatly enhance other areas in their development such as gaining confidence, cognition and developing social skills.  Events like the Olympics educate the children about world events while providing fun activities that the children and staff enjoy.



Acorns Nurseries are now providers of the Childcare Offer in Wales for eligible working parents of 3-4 year olds. Parents can apply by contacting the local Family Information Service.